Protecting databases against credentials theft

In the past years credential theft has become a common theme among web sites. They all stem from a compromise of the web or application server or unrelated other infrastructure. Once access to the file system of the database server is achieved or the database can be accessed using the application’s credentials, the stored secret credentials the user configured, and potentially shares with other sites, can be retrieved from the database. As soon as the intrusion is detected, responsible web site owners usually notify the users about the breach and ask them to change their credentials to the website and warn about credentials reuse. Having a breach is obviously bad publicity and evidently has negative consequences.

However, at least one of the attack avenues can be sealed off: Retrieving of the secret data from the database using the credentials of the web application

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Syslog is unreliable – Use RELP instead

Assuming syslog guarantees message deliver is a common pitfall.

Neither syslog over TCP nor syslog over UDP implement any application layer confirmation of the receipt of any log messages. If anything occurs between the writing to the buffer or the sending of the log over the socket and the logs having been written to the disk on the receiver, those logs are permanently lost.

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pulseaudio module-echo-cancel beamforming

Here’s an example line for or similiar, or for running using pacmd. I haven’t tested it, but pulseaudio accepts this line just fine:

load-module module-echo-cancel use_master_format=1 aec_method=webrtc use_volume_sharing=1 aec_args=”analog_gain_control=0 digital_gain_control=1 beamforming=1 mic_geometry=-0.04,0,0,0.04,0,0 target_direction=4.71238898,0,0″ source_master=alsa_input.usb-046d_0821_FDA941A0-00.analog-stereo sink_master=alsa_output.pci-0000_43_00.1.hdmi-stereo-extra3 source_name=echoCancel_source sink_name=echoCancel_sink

Needs LC_NUMERIC=C in environment to be able to correctly read the mic_geometry. Using commas instead of periods doesn’t work.
if you use systemd, just use a drop-in (e.g. create one using systemctl edit)

iptables best practices

  • Don’t use iptables to apply your rules one at a time, use iptables-restore to apply a whole ruleset in one action.
  • Set your INPUT and FORWARD policy to DROP.
  • Don’t set your OUTPUT policy to DROP unless you really know what you’re doing.
  • If you’re going to implement a blacklist or whitelist, you should look at using ipsets if that list is going to be more than two or three addresses, and if it might be dynamic.
  • Allow all traffic on lo.
  • You should ALLOW traffic in ctstates of RELATED and ESTABLISHED near the beginning of your rules
  • Don’t use iptables -L
  • Use iptables-save instead of iptables -L.
  • Don’t use ifconfig or any of the net-tools.
  • Use iproute2 (ip address, ip link, ip route, ip rule, …)
  • Always read the man pages that are installed on the system you’re trying to use the corresponding software on.

Summary page of the Netfilter related resources

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Summary page of the Netfilter related resources

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