No, syslog is not reliable.

This is a common pitfall. Another of your assumptions crumbles. Neither syslog over TCP nor syslog over UDP implement any application layer confirmation of the receipt of any log messages. If anything occurs between the writing to the buffer or the sending of the log over the socket and the logs having been written to […]

pulseaudio module-echo-cancel beamforming

Here’s an example line for or similiar, or for running using pacmd. I haven’t tested it, but pulseaudio accepts this line just fine: load-module module-echo-cancel use_master_format=1 aec_method=webrtc use_volume_sharing=1 aec_args=”analog_gain_control=0 digital_gain_control=1 beamforming=1 mic_geometry=-0.04,0,0,0.04,0,0 target_direction=4.71238898,0,0″ source_master=alsa_input.usb-046d_0821_FDA941A0-00.analog-stereo sink_master=alsa_output.pci-0000_43_00.1.hdmi-stereo-extra3 source_name=echoCancel_source sink_name=echoCancel_sink Needs LC_NUMERIC=C in environment to be able to correctly read the mic_geometry. Using commas instead of periods […]

Summary page of the Netfilter related resources

Summary page of the Netfilter related resources iptables 101 and FAQ to get started quickly iptables tutorial from frozentux flowgraph of the packets in netfilter as png or svg Managing large lists of IPs,subnets, protocols or ports in iptables using ipset Dynamically updating ipsets from DNS records Periodically updating a blocklist from an IP using […]